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Employees are a company's most valuable asset. They are the first points of customer contact and are the drivers of day-to-day business operations. If leveraged appropriately, your workforce can provide a sustainable competitive advantage over your peers by delivering increased productivity and profitability.



>> Employee Engagement Surveys


A proven way to develop this competitive advantage is to create a highly engaged workforce. After all, the value of an engaged workforce goes far beyond the benefits of increased satisfaction and retention. Highly engaged employees are motivated by your company’s success, serve as net promoters of your product and will put forth the discretionary effort to elevate your firm from good to great.


Kingsley Employee Engagement Program (KEEP)

KEEP objectively measures employee feedback, identifying strengths, weaknesses and potential best practices. Our comprehensive program will:


  • Evaluate your workforce's current level of engagement
  • Identify ways to increase satisfaction and commitment
  • Gauge the alignment of employee and company goals
  • Improve employee / management relations


Additionally, when paired with a Tenant Survey or a Resident Survey, Kingsley Associates can quantify the impact of employee engagement on tenant / resident satisfaction and retention. Our research shows that a focus on both the internal (employee) and external (resident) customer can have a pronounced impact on your firm's financial performance.



Kingsley Insight




>> Employee Exit Interviews


Kingsley Associates' Employee Exit Interview program is designed to assist your firm's understanding of the key factors behind employees' decisions to leave. From our detailed information and analysis, your company will gain specific insight into what efforts are necessary to create a more rewarding professional environment. Kingsley Associates' seasoned professionals will conduct phone interviews with your exiting employees and will gather extensive quantitative and qualitative feedback on topics tailored to your firm's specific needs.